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Swedish MassageSEE PRICE

Long, fluid strokes are used to bring fresh blood and oxygen to the muscles and therefore help relieve soreness and reduce stress. This massage is perfect for the newcomer or for those who simply wish to maintain good muscle health and achieve relaxation.

$39/half hour $60/hour $90/hour and a half, $120 2 hours

Deep Tissue MassageSEE PRICE

This massage uses many of the same movements and techniques as Swedish but the pressure will be more intense. It's a more focused type of massage, aimed at the deeper layers of soft tissue. It helps Chronic muscle tension or knots.

$39/half hour $60/hour $90/hour and a half, $120 2 hours

Neuromuscular TherapySEE PRICE

This treatment is an intense form of bodywork that consists of focused, concentrated pressure on one specific area of the body. The pressure is designed to alleviate tension that extends from a "trigger point" into an entire muscle. NMT is typically used for postural distortions or biomechanical dysfunctions.

$39/half hour $60/hour $90/hour and a half, $120 2 hours.

Prenatal MassageSEE PRICE

The therapeutic, relaxing techniques of Swedish massage are tailored to soothe and alleviate the discomfort of pregnancy. Extra attention is given to the neck, shoulders and lower back as well as swollen ankles and tired feet. An absolute must for any mom-to-be!

$39/half hour $60/hour $90/hour and a half, $120 2 hours

Sports MassageSEE PRICE

In the pre-event sports massage, attention is directed towards preparing the muscles with movement that loosen, invigorate and lengthen the tissue. The post-event massage is directed toward searching for tight and irritated tissue and treating them with static pressure, friction, and knead ing strokes followed by gentle strokes.

$39/half hour $60/hour $90/hour and a half, $120 2 hours


ReflexologySEE PRICE

Pathways in the feet correspond to specific areas of the body. Massage by trained technicians helps eliminate toxins, relax the entire body and stimulate healthy, functioning organs.

$45 half hour, $75/hour

Aromatherapy MassageSEE PRICE

The highly concentrated oils extracted from aromatic herbs and plants are selected and blended together to fit your personal needs. The benefits of these oils range from relaxing and stress relieving to healing and energizing.

$70hour, $100 hour and a half, $130 2 hours

Voci Spa Signature MassageSEE PRICE

A soothing Swedish-style massage enhanced by applicat ions of steamy hot towels and ending with a soothing lotion that hydrates and penetrates the tissues, amplifying the benefits of the massage itself.

$80/hour, $110 hour and a half, $140 2 hours

Hot Rock MassageSEE PRICE

This is a relaxing, Swedish massage that incorporates the use of hot stones. Heat from the stones naturally relaxes the mus cles allowing you to receive the benefits of a deeper massage without excessive pressure.

$90 hour, $115 hour and a half, $140 2hours

Aroma Stone Massage$125

Blissful head to toe spa treatment with stones and essential oils. Like an extension of the hand, the stone, hot at first, moves gently yet deeply over the skin. It increases the effects of the aromatic face and body massage so that you fully relax until your body and mind completely let go. At the end of the treatment, the stone is used cold for a subtle energising effect, with light pressure.